Introducing the Le Gruyère AOP challenge

Connecting the present success with the next generation

Le Gruyère AOP, Premium Sponsor of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup is in the start gates with a special season challenge. At the Le Gruyère AOP challenge, FIS Cross-Country athletes fight for financial support for their own youth ski club. A total prize money of 12’000 € will be 100% distributed by the end of the season to the top-3 women and men of the Le Gruyère AOP challenge ranking.
First placed athletes win 3’000 €, second placed athletes 2’000 € and third placed athletes 1’000 € each for their youth club.

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The History

The athlete with the most pieces of cheese, won by reaching a podium of a Le Gruyère AOP sponsored World Cup, will win the challenge. Last year’s winner was Therese Johaug with winning 17 pieces – 42.5kg – of Le Gruyère cheese. Norway, who won the Nations Cup collected an incredible overall total of 235kg cheese by all their athletes podiums!

Le Gruyère AOP extended their sponsorship of World Cup races this year, covering all events from the season start until the Nordic World Ski Championships in February.

The Legend of the cow bell

In the Swiss mountains a bell’s size and tone convey information about the animal wearing it. Dominant alpha animals—the “highest ranking” cows — in the group wear the largest bells.

The deeper and louder tones are an audible beacon for the others in the herd to follow.

In this year’s #gruyerechallenge the winning athletes will receive a traditional and originally custom made Swiss Cow Bell, marking their domination as the highest ranked of their group.